Salford City Council, Swinton North Ward
Councillor Derek Antrobus


Cllr. Derek Antrobus

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Some biographical details of Councillor Antrobus

Derek Antrobus was born in Salford in 1954 and has served as a Labour Member of Salford City Council since 1979. He represented the Armitage, Mount Skip and St Mary’s Ward until 1982 since when he has represented Swinton North Ward.


He currently sits on the Council’s cabinet as Lead Member for Planning, a portfolio that includes planning, highways (including road safety) and engineering. He chairs the Cabinet Sub-Group on Environmental Sustainability; he represents the Council on the Chapel Street Partnership Board and attends board meetings of the Salford Urban Regeneration Company. He also coordinates Town Twinning for the city council.


Councillor Antrobus represents the Association of Greater Manchester Authorities on the North West Regional Planning Group, North West Regional Flood Defence Committee and on the trustees of the National Museum of Labour History. He chairs the Greater Manchester Joint Waste Planning Committee and the Red Rose Partnership. He is a member of the Greater Manchester Housing and Planning Commission.


Before taking on the planning portfolio, Councillor Antrobus was responsible for finance, administration and e-Government, a responsibility he held under the old committee system when he was chair of the Corporate Services Committee. He was for many years vice-chair of the Finance Committee and, before that, held the same position on the Planning and Development Committee.


As a ward councillor he attends meetings of the Swinton Community Committee, regularly attends residents’ association meetings, is a governor at Moorside Primary and St Charles RC Primary Schools, is a member of the Greaves Trust (which awards grants for education in Swinton), a member of the Gallagher Travelling  Scholarship Trust (which funds exchanges with the former Swinton and Pendlebury Council’s twin town) and is president of the Swinton Amateur Swimming Club.


Councillor Antrobus lives at 4 Temple Drive, Swinton. He works for the Open University as a social science lecturer. His main personal interest is local history and he has published A Guiltless Feast, a history of the origins in Victorian Salford of the vegetarian movement.