Hardway Facts


Bridge Crossing Forton Lake
Forton Lake Bridge

Hardway is an area that is predominately residential, recently expanded with an additional 750 homes built on the Priddy’s Hard estate, part of the ex MOD armaments establishment that has been the home of the navy’s ammunition supply depot since the early part of the 17th century. The whole area is steeped in history and within the Priddy’s Hard Heritage Area; many of the buildings are listed, as are the important ramparts that surround the site.

Much of the area of mudflats that comprise the extensive shoreline are designated SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest) and are the habitat of a diversity of wildlife.

The two ward councillors are determined that the concerns of residents are addressed and in particular the maintenance of open green spaces within the ward. .Grove Park is a favorite of parents and young children, with play furniture and wide-open space that leads down to the tidal Forton Lake.

St John’s Primary School is extremely popular and has been part of Hardway life for over a hundred years. The present Headteacher Mrs Joy Squibb has created a special learning facility that the children are keen to attend.

The Hardway sailing club is on the site of much wartime activity, the slipway witnessing the embarkation of thousands of troops on their way to the D Day landings and then wounded troops returning from the front along with many German troops captured in the fighting..

With the development of Priddy’s Hard ongoing, much of the heritage site has been opened up to the public, there is much more to be done. With the award winning Forton Lake opening bridge now opened, it is possible to walk or cycle along the shoreline enjoying fabulous views of the harbour and of Portsdown Hill, into the heart of Gosport.

The prize of Priddy’s Hard is the ‘Explosion’ museum with its unique collection telling the story of the history of naval armaments.

Established under the Conservatives the museum in its short history has achieved no less that seven major awards. 

It is Conservative policy to ensure that development of the Heritage Area is appropriate and in keeping with the historic nature of the site.  The emphasis being on commerce, the arts, recreation and traditional craft workshops that complement the tourism potential of the Museum .

At a meeting of the Highways Panel on 17th March 03, the subject was raised by Cllr Roger Allen of speed limits on the upper part of the new road from the A32 down to the first roundabout at Monks Walk. It has been agreed that this piece of road will revert to a 40 mph limit in view of its wide and open nature with wide sight lines. The road is now 40 mph much to the satisfaction of drivers. Another victory for common sense.



Fly Tipping 1 

This is typical of the anti social behaviour that is unsightly and costs the council tax payers dearly to clear it up. If you see any fly-tipping going on, please let the council know by ringing your local councillor. If you can get photographs, vehicle registration numbers and times, then this will all help to stamp out this couldn't care less crime against the local community.