Browndown Camp


THE Ministry of Defence has finally sold the former army camp site at Browndown  but   council leader Cllr Mark Hook has warned: No homes will be allowed.

Councillor Mark Hook says any plans to build homes on the site would be rejected as the site is part of the strategic gap – the area of land from the shoreline up to the Alver Valley.

Cllr Hook said: ‘It remains in the strategic gap and we will have to look very closely at what permissions can be given.Because it is part of the strategic gap there is a leisure aspect to it.

‘What I would suggest to the people who have got it is to find out what would be acceptable on that site. Any buildings would have to be no higher than the ones that are there now. There are plenty of options available but we are ruling residential options straight out.

Cllr Hook said he would welcome leisure uses for the site such as a holiday camp that brought employment to the area. He welcomes the fact it has been sold and hope it doesn’t become like Daedalus where nothing happened for years.

Posted: 9/24/2012