Mark Hook said he will oppose any plans for a housing development on a Ministry of Defence site. The camp at Browndown in Gosport was put up for sale several weeks ago.There are fears that the land could be bought by a developer and turned into housing but  Mark Hook said the council would reject homes as the site is part of the strategic gap - the area of land from the shoreline up to the Alver Valley.

Mark said the site would be best used for leisure or training facilities for cadets and scouts.'We will oppose any type of housing development on that site, I think it's about time the MoD put something back into Gosport and rather than sell it they should be providing us with the facilities for Gosport people. Over decades they have used Gosport to their advantage.  We would rather it was open space as it's part of an important strategic gap.The only thing we can put on to that open space is leisure facilities.The cadet forces have been using it. That may well be something that we would wish to continue.If the MOD handle it correctly there's no reason why it can't be used to train cadet forces from across the country. 'That would add to the economy of Gosport and bring money into the town.
It's just the camp that is up for sale. The training area to the north and south around the camp is not for sale and will still be used by the MOD. The bidding for the site will end on December 3.

Posted: 12/2/2010