Revamping Gosport's Amenity Tip


Work on the household waste recycling centre in Grange Road, Rowner, is set to begin in November with the revamp completed by next March. Plans include four more bin bays as well as 3 extra car parking spaces. It's hoped this will bring an end to traffic jams outside the centre.

One of the problems we have at the moment is when it is busy people park their cars in Grange Road, which makes things very difficult down there. With this new design it will take more of that traffic off the road which will make things safer in that area. The additional car parking spaces mean people will be able to off-load a lot quicker once they are there.

People who use the tip currently have to exit the site by driving through the container servicing area. The improvements will remove this potential hazard as the new exit lane will keep the public and the container servicing area away from each other.

The whole layout will mean it is safer and there will be a quicker turnaround. This will bring benefits to the people of Gosport.

Everybody who uses the recycling centre knows there can be problems down there, particularly at busy times like on Sunday mornings. This will help with those problems.

While the construction work takes place over the four months, the tip will remain open but will be offering a reduced level of service.

Posted: 9/29/2010