Balancing the Books


Now with the Conservatives back in power, council leader Mark Hook is trying to balance the books in light of an anticipated dramatic cut in the government grant the council receives.

With regards to car parking charges Mark said: 'We introduced charges some time ago and then when the Liberal Democrat and Labour coalition was here they decided that they wanted free short-stay car parking so they reversed the car parking charges costing £360,000 per year. This happened in November 2006 and resulting from that Gosport has lost £30,000 per month on free parking charges. We have lost that for coming up to four years, somewhere in the region of £1.5m, which is an awful lot of money. "

Over the past 2 years it has cost Gosport Borough Council in excess of £170,000 to run the car parks and it would be wrong for me to turn round and say parking charges won't be considered because we have to consider everything under this current financial climate.

Posted: 9/21/2010