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Proposal for 200 new houses in Daedalus

Daedalus is the wrong place for an interconnector

Hovercraft Museum to Keep Princess Anne

27/2/2016 -  Daedalus Update 
Daedalus an Enterprise Zone

To date there have been no applications for oil or gas extractions in the Borough of Gosport.

14/7/2015 -  Gosport Ferry Monthly ticket 
A great park & Ride deal for daily users of the Gosport Ferry.

1/2/2015 -  Plans for Browndown Army  
Sold to Private developer.

The Browndown site is in an area of archaeological interest and is part...

There seems to be quite some confusion regarding the difference between a shared cycleway and a segregated cycleway.

25/9/2014 -  Planning Guidance 
Do you need permission?