Lee on the Solent Shared Cycleway - NCN Route 2


Lee on the Solent Shared Cycleway - NCN Route 2

The following information has been provided by  Gary Hedges HCC Principal Engineer (01962 846809) Gary.Hedges@hants.gov.uk

There seems to be quite some confusion regarding the difference between a shared cycleway and a segregated cycleway.  The two types of cycleway are different and how the pedestrians and cyclists should behave on each is quite different and laid out in the highway code.

The National Cycle Network route 2 which extends along Marine Parade is part of a larger route which runs from Kent to Cornwall and Marine Parade has been a missing link in the route.  The Marine Parade stretch of the route is a shared cycleway.  This means there is no segregation between cyclists and pedestrians and as with all highway users the Highway code should be followed by both cyclists and pedestrians to interact considerately.  My understanding is that this is due to the Highway Code being updated many times over the last number of years (latest edition 2007) and with no requirement to inform the general public on changes to the highway code unless you periodically check you will never know of the changes.

The following link points out the responsibilities of cyclists


See rule 62

This link highlights how pedestrians should behave


See Rule 13

It is evident from my own conversations with people enquiring about either lack of signs or requests for white separation lines that there is a larger issue of lack of understanding of what the signs mean and how to behave on those particular types of highway.   The cycle route is signed and it is signed correctly having been checked and safety audited.

There are discussions ongoing about how best to communicate the relevant messages to the groups of people who may not either be obeying the highway code or understand how they should behave. 

The My Journey team will be letter dropping the locality and holding events as well as radio messages and other infomercials in the near future.

Both the County and District Councillors are aware of this issue and are involved in this campaign to reduce conflict on the shared cycleway.  We are trying to encourage town and parish councils to publish the highway code information or at least show people where it is in their magazines and newsletters to help reach people who may not be computer users.

If you require any further information please contact  Gary Hedges [Gary.Hedges@hants.gov.uk] who will endeavour to help.


Posted: 9/25/2014