Plans for Browndown Army


Browndown site for sale

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The Browndown site is in an area of archaeological interest and is part of the strategic gap - the area of land from the shoreline up to the Alver Valley.

The training areas to the north and south of the site will still be used by the MoD.

GBC will not permit development proposals on the site except for appropriate recreational uses or development essential to operational requirements for the public and other essential services. The Local Plan Review states that the types of development that may be appropriate for the site are Leisure facilities. This policy encourages the provision of leisure facilities but sets out a series of criteria that have to be met.

The site is within an area identified as a Strategic Gap. GBC Policy seeks to maintain the integrity of the Strategic Gap so development proposals should not physically and/or visually diminish the gap. Any future proposals should be designed sympathetically to respect the open character of the Strategic Gap with regard to the existing built footprint.

The site is close to the Browndown Site of Special Scientific Interest which includes the adjoining retained training area. The site is also in an area of archaeological interest.

The site was sold to Jumbuck Ltd. They have no set plans for redevelopment at present but had hoped to develop a leisure operation on the site however, no pre-application discussions have yet taken place with the GBC Planning Officers.


The gentleman heading the Browndown development is called Adam Warringer his e-mail is 

There is no further news at present about any development of this site.

Posted: 2/1/2015