Daedalus Update



The Vision

The vision is to transform Daedalus into “a thriving location for the benefit of existing residents, businesses and the local economy bringing the whole site into productive use whilst being sensitive to its historical land use, the listed buildings and the designated conservation area”.

Development will be in phases. The site is not expected to be fully developed for another 10 years. The Land ownership is now with Fareham Borough Council for the Airfield site and  the Homes & Community Agency (HCA) for the Waterfront site which is in the Borough of Gosport.

Both Fareham and Gosport Borough Councils unanimously approved outline proposals for Daedalus in March 2012. The development is expected to bring around 4,000 jobs to the area, mostly in the marine and aerospace fields. There will also be more than 200 homes, some shops, allotments and a 34-acre public open space. In April 2015 Fareham Borough Council took ownership of the Airfield site and Control Tower and have announced a draft development plan.

It is hoped that almost 1,200 jobs will be created after plans were unveiled in Oct 2012 to invest more than £25m of government money into the creation of a huge business park. Of the £25m, £15m will be used to get 21.6 acres of land ready for the new business units that will be built on the Daedalus site, as well as 101 new homes, now completed, next to the Married Quarters site. 

IFA2 Interconnector Proposal for Daedalus

In Nov 2015 the National Grid announced proposals to build a massive interconnector in the Fareham part of the site near Peel Common Roundabout.    Some 22mtrs high and equal to four football pitches in ground plan to house the huge inverters and transformers in a fully controlled environment. This is very concerning to local residents (See news item).

Solent Enterprise Zone (Daedalus)  Status


One of only 21 Enterprise Zones nationally, the prestigious status brings with it:

• A 100% business rate discount worth up to £275,000 over a five year period for businesses locating on the zone by 31st March 2018

• Simplified planning

• Access to Superfast Broadband

 In addition, business rate growth at the zone for a period of 25 years will be retained by the local area to allow further investment in economic priorities.

The Solent Enterprise Zone is recognized as a leading location for advanced manufacturing and engineering business and, as a strategic site for the Solent, significant investment has been targeted to the Zone.

 Solent Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) has a published ambition to create over 3,000 new jobs in its LEP area by 2026. To deliver this aspiration, the LEP has prioritised the development of a sectorbased cluster which can act as a growth hub to deliver exportled growth in high value employment. Solent is already recognised as a leading location for advanced manufacturing and engineering and is home to 1,750 marinerelated businesses. The marine sector represents around 18% of the Solent economy, accounts for some 48,000 jobs and contributes £3.6 billion in GVA and £1.9 billion to GDP.

The main objectives of the Solent Enterprise Zone will therefore be to:

• create 3,000  additional jobs on the EZ by 2026, contributing more than a third of the Solent LEP’s additional jobs target;

 • promote an advanced manufacturing and technology cluster focused on marine, aviation and aerospace;

 • utilise the incremental growth in business rates to unlock the full potential of this and other Solent employment sites;

 • provide a catalyst for the regeneration of Gosport as it is the least economically viable area in South Hampshire.

Successful delivery of the Solent Enterprise Zone at Daedalus is a priority for the Solent Local Enterprise Partnership working with a long list of partners: the South Hampshire local authorities represented in PUSH; the landowners who are principally Fareham Borough Council and the Homes and Communities Agency; the education and training sector and a range of other organisations and individual businesses. HCA and PUSH  are all committed to creating a new employment and growth hub in South Hampshire and to the teamwork that will make this a success.

Skills Centre

A Centre of Excellence for Engineering, Manufacturing and Advanced Skills Technology (CEMAST)  was opened  to students in September 2014 and is the new home for the college’s Automotive, Aviation Engineering and Manufacturing courses. The site will be the central training facility for more than 900 full time and part time students, and act as the main learning centre for students in apprenticeship programmes

Innovation Centre at Daedalus

The Daedalus  Innovation Centre offers office space and workshop facilities for new businesses, with a focus on the engineering, aerospace, aviation and marine industries.

The development is part of large scale investment at the Enterprise Zone, which includes improvements to the runway and new hangar space.

The Innovation Centre is designed to provide an environment in which new businesses can be supported to prosper, grow and move on.  It will provide today's entrepreneurs with the business financial and leadership support they need in order to thrive.

The project aims to create around 150 new jobs.


The runway has recently undergone £1.5M of improvements to establish the Solent Enterprise Zone as a destination for aviation and aerospace businesses.The project included resurfacing and relining the main runway strip, repairs to taxiways and the installation of ducting to enable the future provision of runway lighting. The work is expected to extend the lifespan of the airfield and is a step towards improving the offer for businesses who want to use the airfield, move or expand their operations on the Solent Enterprise Zone at Daedalus. It builds on the investment being made in improvements across the site and demonstrates that the enterprise zone is very much open for business. The MCA has retained an area on the site, from which it will continue helicopter and coastal search and rescue operations. The ownership of the Airfield transferred to Fareham Borough Council in April 2015. The Regional City Airport Management are the Airfield operators on behalf of  FBC.

Hangars West

Three triangles of land within the strategic gap

· New access from Gosport Road.

· Aviation & general employment use.

Hangars East

Area off Broom Way & Gosport Road. Site for possible aviation related business park. Potential uses:-

· Aviation Businesses

· General employment

· Open space & new right of way


Possible Proposals and outline planning permission  for the Waterfront for:

·         Around 48,750 sq m of new build employment space

·         21,240 sq m of employment space in refurbished buildings

·         200 new homes and 36 refurbished homes (including starter homes)

·         A residential care home with 32 units

·         More than 1,000 sq m of new retail

·         More than 1,800 sq m of community use

·         Around 10,600 sq m of leisure space Access to slipway & potential for Marina?

 Conservation Area

Mixed Use & Residential.

 Pockets of land Manor Way / Stubbington Lane / Sea Lane

Possible sites for residential use. (Except Manor Way Land now owned by GBC for recreational use)

Transport & Access

 Spine Road

Government funding is being used to create a new spine road within the Enterprise Zone, linking the new main gateway off Broom Way and running east-west across the southern area at Lee on the Solent. The road will access a string of development sites to be marketed in the near future, and is essential in underpinning the comprehensive redevelopment of the Waterfront to create a vibrant new complex of commercial and leisure businesses and new homes.

Signalisation of Peel Common & Stubbington roundabouts.

Opening up of most access points around the site.

 Improvments to  Newgate Lane are well underway.

Funding for the proposed Stubbington Bypass has yet to be approved although planning for the road has been approved.

The Hovercraft Museum

The Hovercraft Museum which uses hangar space and associated outdoor space in Seaplane Square. This popular attraction is open to the public on a small number of days each year as well as educational and private tours. A hovercraft museum facility should be accommodated on the Daedalus site given its historic links with the development of the hovercraft and the potential complementary role the museum would have with other leisure facilities on Daedalus and the Borough as a whole. Whilst the use of existing historic hangar space close to the slipway appears to be an appropriate location for a Hovercraft Museum other options may be considered. It is likely the one of the large SRN.4 Hovercraft (Princess Anne) will be loaned to the Museum.


The Gosport Local Plan Review allocates 500 dwellings for the Daedalus site. The MoD has built 148 Married Quarters and 101 houses have been built by Barrett Homes in Seacrest Gardens next to the MQs. The Homes & Community Agency have recently allocated 200 homes to the Government Starter Home Scheme (See news item). All count towards the overall allocation and consequently there is a remaining 50 dwellings that could be built on the site including any conversions within the proposed mixed use areas.

In accordance with the Local Plan, in exceptional circumstances it may be appropriate to include some flexibility and consider a limited higher residential figure in order to achieve the Council’s key objective of maximising employment opportunities particularly within the advanced manufacturing, aviation, aerospace and marine sectors. Developers that propose to exceed the allocated residential figure will need to provide a clear rationale of why additional dwellings are required in relation to design and viability considerations. The Borough Council will require an ‘open book’ approach regarding the proposed quantum of residential units and a robust justification relating to the economic benefits of the scheme.

Future Planning Strategy

The Solent Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) gives greater local autonomy over projects such as Daedalus. The Solent LEP came into being 1 Apr 11. Daedalus Airfield declared an Enterprise Zone. The council works out how the business rate relief is applied. If you’re starting up or relocating to an enterprise zone, you’ll qualify for enterprise zone relief. You must start up or relocate by March 2018. You can get up to 100% business rate relief for 5 years, up to a maximum of £275,000.Contact the enterprise zone area to find out how to apply. The business rates discount is one of a range of benefits connected with the Enterprise Zone, which is intended to support local economic growth and create around 3,000 new jobs on the site by 2026.  

Time table

From now in light of EZ potential developers; consider business opportunities.

2015 - FBC took ownership of Airfield site, Conservation area remains as part of the Borough of Gosport.

2016 - Public Consultation on proposal for IFA2 National Grid Interconnector to be built at Daedalus.

2017 - FBC approved plans for IFA2 to be built in Daedalus.

2018 - National Grid commences building work for IFA2 (Expected to be operational by mid-2020)

2018 - Wates Construction submit plans for 200 homes to be built in Daedalus.

Posted: 2/6/2018