Gosport Borough Council, Lee East Ward
Councillor Graham Burgess

Peel Common Roundabout, Newgate Lane


Following the February  In Touch leaflet delivered to Lee on the Solent, residents have been contacting me regarding the volume of traffic and delays caused when traffic tries to leave Broom Way to join the roundabout. Hampshire County Council intend to increase traffic joining from Rowner Road by making the approach two lanes. I have lobbyed HCC to ask them to increase the curve of the roundabout in an effort to slow Rowner Road traffic and allow traffic from Broom Way to exit safely. I have also asked for a separate filter lane to be constructed to allow traffic going to Stubbington to keep clear of the roundabout.

Newgate Lane was planned to be upgraded with a cycle path and a footpath throughout its length. I have asked for dates when this may be started.

Posted: 2/15/2008