Photo Gallery

Cllrs Dennis & Jill Wright as Mayor and Mayoress

Cllrs Dennis & Jill Wright have had the honour of being Gosport's First Citizens.They were Mayor and Mayoress of the Borough in 2001/2002.

Always available at 1 Brookside Tel 01329 519234

Dennis is always available at 1 Brookside. Tel 01329 519234

Nobes Hall

After much campaigning by Councillor Dennis Wright Nobes Hall is now open for community use.

Leyland Gardens

Leyland Gardens situated at Bridgemary Park with Cllr. Dennis Wright standing at its new entrance way.

Wrong Road Name

New road signs were recently installed on the Woodside Estate. What a waste of money when they could not even spell Meadow Walk correctly.

 Subsiding floods

During the floods in Bridgemary when many homes and shops suffered from water penetration Cllr Dennis Wright immediately took up the issue with Southern Water.

Rat Running

With the A32 congested by vehicles, motorists are looking for short cut traffic dodging routes through areas such as Holbrook.

More M.O.D. Land Releases

With both Fleetlands and DM Frater about to release land on the open market Cllr.Dennis Wright has said that it is essential that this area should be used for job creation and with no more housing.