After nearly three years of campaigning I am now pleased that a set of traffic lights on the busy A32 have now been re-phased.  The lights at the junctions of Fareham Road, Tichborne Way and Aerodrome Road have now been altered to meet the increasing traffic growth.


There has been several nasty accidents and many near misses at this junction, due to the fact that the traffic from both Tichborne Way and Aerodrome Road were both phased to allow traffic to move at the same time, thus crossing each others paths.


Vehicles using this junction have been increasing due to the development of the Gosport Business Centre, which was much needed, causing the number of vehicles flowing across this junction to multiply.


The lights have now been phased to allow for staggered operation from Aerodrome Road and Tichborne Way, with no loss of time on the A32, making this junction much safer for all road users. Residents now feel happier when using this junction.

Posted: 8/18/2011